Nam Et Phou Louey – one of biggest national protected area in Laos


Nam Et Phou Louey National Protected Area is located in Houaphan province, in North-East Laos. The area has primary forest remaining in many areas, a high level of biodiversity, and a number of endangered species including tiger, gaur, Sambar deer, and white-cheeked gibbon.

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Overview of Nam Et Phou Louey

The Nam Et-Phou Louey is one of the largest national protected areas in Northern Laos. It is considered to be the last remaining home for tigers in Indochina, and has a unique forest biodiversity with an increasing number of endangered species. Wildlife Conservation Society is collaborating with the local communities to create ecotourism projects that protect and conserve this natural area, but to also provide a sustainable livelihood for rural Lao communities living in and around the park.

Nam Et Phou Louey in Laos (via Asia Travel)

Nam Nern Night Safari

Head upriver by boat deep into the jungle, where you can enjoy a campfire dinner before drifting back downstream, spotlight-searching for the rare and endangered species that live in this area of rich biodiversity. 

The Nam Nern Night Safari is a 24-hour, boat-based tour into the core of the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area. The highlight of the trip is the nighttime wildlife-spotlighting, when long-tail boats drift down the Nam Nern River looking for wild and endangered animals before returning visitors to the ecolodge within the national park.

This innovative and adventurous journey is not only one of the few opportunities in Laos to view rare wildlife, but the trip is designed to support alternative livelihoods for local people and generate community support for conservation of tigers and other wildlife.

Nam Nern Night Safari (via Audley Travel)

Nature activities during the tour include bird watching, wildlife tracking, nighttime wildlife spotting, discovery of medicinal plants and an early morning hike. Visitors to the Night Safari overnight in one of our two-person traditional Lao bungalows in the ecolodge, built and managed by the community and overlooking the Nam Nern River from the forest edge.

The Nests

For the more adventurous nature enthusiasts, The Nests tour is a unique opportunity to hike through the protected area and sleep overnight in spherical baskets that hang from the forest canopy. These ‘Nests’ are located nearby a salt lick where tourists can view wildlife at night, and you will also check wildlife camera traps surrounding the area for photos of rare species that passed by the area.

The nests tour (via Inside Asia Tours)

Eco-tourism Model

This ecotourism project is designed to create a direct link between conservation and tourism, so that the money that guests pay has a positive impact on encouraging local people to protect endangered tigers and other wildlife. These tours are fully supported and run by the local community. Villages that surround the Nam Et-Phou Louey protected area are part of a village development fund. Every visitor must pay a fee, which is included in the total tour price, to the village development fund before entering the area. The amount of money received by the villages depends on the numbers of wildlife seen by the tourists, who are required to fill out a wildlife monitoring form at the end of the trip.

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