Top unforgettabe experiences in 4000 Islands


Si Phan Don or 4000 Islands is an attraction famous for easygoing lifestyle and not doing anything in a hurry in Laos. There are many different picturesque sights and fascinating activities to do in here. Here are 5 notable things to do that visitors should try.

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Riding bicycle

Cycling around the countryside is the best way to enjoy peace atmosphere and a lot of beautiful scenes of Si Phan Don. Visitors will take a sightseeing to lush, green rice paddies, some nice temples, secluded beaches, rural villages and isolated farms. The most popular route is to bike south from Don Det Village along the sunrise side of the island. Then, tourists will cycle across the bridge between two islands of Don Det and Don Khon. Next, cyclists will have a visit to Li Phi Falls, Hang Khon and Khone Phapheng Falls. Moreover, it is really convenient for travellers to rent a bike when the bicycle rentals is available at the most places here.

Cycling in Si Phan Don (via Jo Elise Photography –

Seeing dolphins

Going to Si Phan Don, tourists can not miss a chance to view freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins atDon Khon Island. This place is one of the rare ones in the world to supply a home to this rare species of dolphins. Travelers need hire a boat to take them out, and then, almost their time is in a little shack overlooking the river. They will catch a glimpse of a surfacing dolphin, a fin and the top of a head some distance away. Their appearance is very special with rounded heads and short beaks. It is estimated that there are only between 6 and 10 dolphins in this area.

Going to waterfalls

Going to waterfalls (via John Henderson)


There are a variety of falls to access such asTad Somphamit Waterfall, Khon Phapheng Waterfall, Si Phan Don Waterfall,etc. In addition, a vast selection of fascinating activities is shown at these locations like swimming, kayaking, tubing. Tubing is a really comfortable experience when travelers slowly float down the river in your tube. The majority of tube rental shops are situated in the centre of island. The water of river is so clean that it is said that swimming here is like wading in a huge bath. Another enjoyable thing is in the water, there are some little fish nibbling off dead foot skin. More of exploring impressive falls, visitors will stay in the bungalows with hammocks.

Watching sunrise or sunset

If you are finding relaxation, there is nothing better than having a visit to 4000 Islands and watching dawn or sundown. Si Phan Don is considered as one of the best sites in the world to see sunrises and sunsets. To check out break of day, tourists have to get up very early. In case of sleeping in and missing the first lights, you still have another opportunity to view stunning backdrop of the sun lazily sinking into the Mekong River. Furthermore, you can rent a small boat and take out the river to enjoy the whole spectacular sight. Some travelers bring Beer Lao and Lao whiskey with them on the boat. 

Sunrise in Si Phan Don (via blogger)

Catching fish

When tourists and the locals catch a fish together, they have a chance to experience as a real fishermen as well as traditional river-side village life. At the beginning of dry season (last October or early November), many species of fish migrate Mekong river area here from Cambodia. Local fishermen catch many of them to sell to the markets of other surrounding places including the big cities. A traditional fishing tool usually still used by the locals is big bamboo traps. It is said that Mekong fish is the most essential source of animal proteins for a large number of the people not only in Laos but also Cambodia and Vietnam.

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